I can be contacted for life coaching and relationship advice at:

I can be contacted for life coaching and relationship advice at:

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Personal Life Coaches and Relationship Counselors

We can help people explore any kind of social relationship issue, or any kind of vocational, psychological, spiritual, or societal, issue, e.g., clarifying one's basic goals in life, actualizing one's natural individual potentials, enhancing one's level of creative functioning, marriage counseling, and enhancing other personal social relationships. We show you how ot deal effectively with the necessary challenges of life that one has to face.

In our relationship counseling services, we help you learn how to develop open, honest, constructive, meaningful, communication with other individuals, as a way of producing greater levels of mutual empathic understanding, constructive conflict resolution, and co-creative transformational empowerment, in your personal relationships. We can also help you understand how connecting to other individuals, in unselfish, deeply caring, relationships, can enable one to tap into a regenerative level of life energy, for enhanced vitality, psychological transformation and spiritual growth, optimal well being, creative inspiration, as well as holistic healing of heart, mind, and body.

In addition to providing counseling dealing with issues pertaining to enhancing one's own personal relationships and individual life, we are also able to provide counseling for issues related to contributing to the constructive transformation of contemporary society. This involves understanding how the synergistic/co-creative power of love can gradually, constructively, transform the collective heart of humanity, from a predominantly selfish, fearful, abusive, predatory, orientation, to a more unselfish, compassionate, relaxed, secure, wholesome, orientation.

We offer our services totally free of charge, as a loving service. We are retired from our professional careers, with a sufficient retirement income, so we do not need money.

One Personal Life Coach has a PhD in Clinical Psychology, and the other Coach has an interdisciplinary PhD in Religious Studies/Spirituality and History of World Cultures. We have many years of experience in counseling, mentoring, and are writing books in relevant areas.

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